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Home Cleaning & Deodorizing

If you've ever sold a home before, you know just how stressful it can be to keep your house in immaculate condition. But you need to be ready for anything including that call at dinner time from your real estate agent, "Hello! I have a last minute potential buyer in town who wants to see your home. May I bring her by in an hour?"

"An hour!?!" you think to yourself. "I can get the dishes done probably, but haven't had a chance to clean in a few days...what am I going to do?"

Our Cleaning Services

We can't promise you that we can get your dishes done an hour before a last-minute appointment, but we can sure save you that stress about ensuring your house is clean! We'll come in, thoroughly clean everything and deodorize throughout and ensure everything is as shining as can be.

Our professional cleaners are available to come and clean your entire home, or if need be, a single room that requires the help of a pro to get it in spic and span shape.

Our eagle-eyed professionals will "see" the areas that you might overlook, such as baseboards, windows and trim, and will be able to ensure your potential buyers see nothing but clean. Carpet cleaning, bathrooms, kitchens and making floors shine as best they can are what we do.


If a pet has lived in your house, many potential buyers can notice that right away. That also goes for smokers - if your home has not been professionally deodorized, the bad smell of nicotine and tobacco can live in the walls of a house for years.

Our team has the knowledge and skills to rid your home of any odours that might turn potential buyers off.

Why risk losing a great deal on your house because your potential buyer is sensitive to various odours that we can help you get rid of?

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This is Jane. Jane tried to sell her house, look after the kids, work full-time, and keep the house spotless. You don't need to be like Jane or suffer the same fate....

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With a 403% return on investment, this is one of the best and cheapest ways to increase the value of your home. 

And you don't have to do it all, alone. Call us today at (519) 939-3436 to arrange for a full cleaning and deodorizing of your home, and we can help keep it that way until your home sells!

Areas We Serve:

Dufferin County including Orangeville, Shelburne, Grand Valley, Mono.

Contact Us:

Telephone: (519) 939-3436
Email: [email protected]

Mail: 14 Harold Best Parkway
Flesherton, ON N0C 1E0

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